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Seeing how we deal with what we don't want is the basis for true freedom, flow and ease. Clearing these patterns releases so much energy for living fully and powerfully. 

My late husband's journey with cancer began just as I became  pregnant with our second child. From his shocking diagnosis to his tenuous journey with healing and then dying, we committed to showing up to every experience with as much presence and love as possible. The earth shaking reality and grief brought an abundance of openings, awakenings and deep learning for us and our family.  This experience has opened new landscapes of being and of freedom that I didn't know existed. Let me guide you through the challenges in your life, from conscious uncoupling, divore, navigating illness or other losses that break your heart.   If you are someone wanting to make the most impact with this precious life that you are blessed with I  invite you to join me in using all parts of  life for your growth and in  unlocking the truths of this very sacred and powerful  time. This time that is full of  possibility, healing and up-;leveling. This time is called NOW. 


Education and Certifications

Certified Ascelerated Evolution Guide/Coach

WarriorSage, Vancouver BC, Canada

Certified Professional Coach

ICF approved Center for Coaching Certification

Meditation Teacher training and Non-dualtiy training 

  • School of Awakening  with Stephan Bodian, author of Wake up Now

  • Two Year Training with Matt Flickstein, author of The Meditator's Atlas

  • Vipassana Teacher training with Barbara Brodsky,  author of Presence, Kindness and Freedom


Working With Me

I have prepared my whole life to be able to coach my clients to  live from presence, love, and the truth that is rooted in the direct experience of life as it is. I take my clients deeply into the "Wisdom Heart", the place of knowingness and strength within all of us that can unflinchingly lean into the places we usually hide from, shield ourselves from and argue with.  It is our fear, conditioning and trauma that blocks our access to this beautiful, resilient and open "Wisdom Heart" that is always and already there for us. 

Every moment in life has the potential for healing and awakening. It is these prescient ones of uncertainty and change however, that offer unparalleled gifts. So lean in, trust, feel supported as you gather the gifts of this time. Come, enter into  the openness of the Wisdom Heart. 


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