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Larissa Ann

Radical loss, deep awakening and meeting my Beloved  catapulted me into unabashedly living out loud in deep wisdom, heart opening, flow and to share this with others.  I offer powerful guidance for those seeking to bring more love into their relationship with themselves and in their partnerships and for singles wanting to magnetize next level love.

I look forward to working together!



My mission is to support deep transformation, liberation and  the full inhabitation of the body and one's power. I also partner with my clients to remove the blocks to finding a true and  meaningful love relationship. My goal is to support you in being the fullest and most glorious version of yourself, to connect with your voice of truth, to trust life, to trust yourself and to surrender and receive love. 

Image by Meiying Ng

How I work

Using a mixture of accelerated evolution coaching practices, feminine embodiment techniques, psycho-spiritual  processes,  re-wiring/re-wilding practices and  Primal Feminine Flow movement, I will guide and mentor you on the journey to releasing what no longer serves and increasing your resonance to attract the love that you desire. 

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