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        Reclaim Your Radiance 

Magnetize the Right Relationships to you


Hello Beautiful,

So glad you are here! 

Everything you need, is already within you

 (But it gets so covered up and conditioned out of us with our habits of pleasing, sacrificing and putting our deepest yearnings on the back burner! )  Let's rediscover your inner radiance,  sensual power and deepest love and turned-on aliveness.

It's time to shine in the world and attact the life and relationships you desire.

It all begins with reconnecting to your luscious and wise feminine essence, which will bring more passion, pleasure and flow into your life and to those around you. 

 So let's release what no longer serves, transmute, transform and call in more potent love, connection and soul light which all begins with precious YOU. Let's up-level together and magnetize the love and life that are yours! 



  • Remove the roadblocks to a deeply loving relationship with yourself and/or in a romantic partnership. (The most important relationship is with your own self.)

  • Live in more trust, flow and surrender

  • Learn about Sacred Relationships and the awakened masculine/feminine within.

  • Work on clearing your resonance to find the partner that you've been longing for,


  • Find clarity in your truth and purpose and know what you stand for and desire.  

  • Embody your natural sensuality and healthy boundaries

  • Learn to accept and receive the gifts of the shadow as well as the light. 

  • Deepen your connection to the living energies of the wild world around us.


  • Let go of energetic charge and ancestral patterns  in the body and recoup that energy to consciously manifest instead. 

  • Learn about and re-circuit the habits of the mind that keep you from fully being in your  heart and body.

  •  Quiet the voices/stories and live from an embodied place of deep resonance, alignment  and connection.

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Free Discovery Call

We'll meet for 30 minutes over Zoom.      Let's see if we are a good match!

What clients say

“Larissa is a gifted coach who helped me find clarity and peace in relationships that challenged me my entire life. She took me to the root level of where my lack of boundaries began and helped me identify and implement tools to move forward. I have worked with other healers and coaches, but it was Larissa’s guidance, wisdom, and magic that transpired change for me.”

Preeti Mattoo- CEO and Founder of Well Adorned, N.Y.C

Tropical Leaves

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Free Discovery Call

We'll meet for 30 minutes over Zoom.      Let's see if we are a good match!

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