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Because of You...

The alchemical elixir, of you and I awakened to love, ready to receive it meeting again, after all this time…

Because of you, I have given up lifetimes of shame, Minefields of defense Reams of justifications Dances of frozen distance.

Because of you, I have plumbed the depths of my yearning Admitted my needs and have become unprotected and authentically vulnerable.

Because of you I stand taller in my truth I'm softer in my expression More graceful in my movements More natural, primordial, cosmic.

Because of you I am relaxed, protected, safe, desired, claimed in the circle of your arms.

WE feel the gift of reflection, of mirroring the light and dark to each other. Our cups are so full We say “Come in! Come in!” There is enough at this heart table, To share back with the world. Let us be vessels of universal love, That which we are all searching for Unconditional.

Because of you….

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