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You Are Enough....and Always Have Been.

There are moments when the silent shadow falls. That feeling comes up, unbidden, subconscious, "This isn’t enough.” “YOU aren’t enough.” it whispers. It usually comes on the heels of a trigger or limiting belief from childhood-when you couldn’t get the love you needed. (Or maybe you look in the mirror and it catches you at the wrong angle, at the wrong time.) Even if you thought that you dealt with that one already, here it is again. "NOT ENOUGH." The feeling of slight panic arises, the wheels start to turn toward action, any action is reached for to DO something, to NOT FEEL this dark and gaping pit that couldn’t be navigated as a youngster and is unconsciously, continuously avoided. It was too vast then to fall into a loveless, lonely abyss and you have never really stopped to do anything other than maintain this unconscious strategy that kept you safe and surviving back then. It has been running you, controlling you, mastering over you to continuously DO, PERFORM, ACHIEVE. But now, now you have deep self love on your side, you have awakening on your side, you have choice, and freedom to choose… ...if you can just stop the pattern from escalating to full bloom. So you do stop, and you feel, and it hurts, and you gasp in SURPRISE and RECOGNITION that you have been running all this time. You choose to stay and sacredly struggle with all the feelings coming up for air, for LIBERATION. They don’t want to continuously be locked away in the deep dungeon of avoidance, repression and suppression. Their energy wants to be FREE, to escape into something else, tenderness perhaps, or deep acceptance. They too want to see the vast sky and fly away in freedom. So you STAY. You linger and you allow. It’s painful and sad that you have been so blind and so controlled. You feel to the wild edge of this pain. You allow it to be there for as long as it wants. “It’s okay, Honey” you say. You give it water, and space, and some tissues. It slowly unravels and unwinds and stops moving. The exquisite heart bursts forth with wide open compassion and love for who you were to think that you had to be something else. You were always enough. You are enough. Always.

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