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Let it Be

There is nothing as freeing and as luxurious as giving yourself permission to be exactly as you are and to not repress, suppress or hide your natural expression. To allow everything to catch the light of day, to let it all breathe and paradoxically, in this way, all of it has the space to liberate and not stick around.

What keeps us stuck and bounded is our fear, wanting to get rid of what’s hidden, trying to manipulate reality to fit the idea in our heads and mostly, being unaware of these patterns of clamping down and resistance. Sometimes, we need this permission given to us first by a teacher, a coach or a therapist before we get used to the refined air of that place of freedom to be; the place of deepest love, openness, harmony and acceptance.

In the wider world, (the vast world of connected consciousness encapsulated in separate human bodies), we play out the same patterns externally that we do internally. We deny, suppress, repress, hate and fear aspects of others: their looks, their opinions, their culture, their beliefs, their faith, their political views. We want to get rid of those parts of the human family that elicit fear and aversion within.

Whether Republican or Democrat, vaccinated or unvaccinated, Muslim, Jewish or Christian, poor or rich, educated or uneducated, as members of the sacred human family, we all have permission to show up as we are.

It is the truest form of love to stretch open even wider then you want to and let it all in. To let everything be there even if you don’t agree with it, to let in the terror, the fear, the discord. And in stretching our hearts, and sourcing ourselves in this love, and being deeply connected in presence, the next step is clear, the way is shown, deep inner harmony ensues, even if things are not at all the way we want them to be. We are fingers of the same hand. We are all expressions of source in our multi-faceted ways. We are all sacred. It is only in this dialectic space of acceptance, that we can sit down with each other, listen, learn and create radical beauty and an empowered future together. Permission granted for all of us to be alive, as we are, all along the spectrum.


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