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The Gifts that Loss Brings

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Everything you know quickly shifts like sand running through your fingers.

When someone you love is sick and dying, when your marriage ends in divorce or when you lose something valuable (like a job) , it can be completely devastating as everyone might imagine. (Everything you know quickly shifts like sand running through your fingers.) But what isn’t talked about is that at the same time, it can be the greatest teaching gift you might ever receive- albeit a gift that no one would ever want or choose for themselves. Surrendering to and being present and aware with the process of endings, death and loss points us back to that which is unborn and undying in ourselves and in everyone. So as your loved one is dying, and things around you are ending, and if you can stay with the process (and the crushing heartache) as much as you can, what also dies is that which separates us from living in flow-our identifications with the thought created identities and the stories of the mind, our fears about living and our need for control (we realize we ultimately have none and that we’ve only ever fooled ourselves into thinking that we did). Death(endings), although feared for the radical changes it creates and the mystery that surrounds it, is a deep teacher about how to fully live life. #theLessonsofDying, #ConsciousDying, #LossandGrief, #fear, #death, #LossofLovedOne

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