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Miracles, Trust and Yearning

Spring Equinox, the time of (almost) equal balance of night and day points us to some potent lessons that we can embrace through spring’s magnetic and bright expression.

Most clearly, we see nature around us growing back following it’s very dramatic dying back. After the dark cold, the insulation and inward time, we are still here, we made it! It’s almost unbelievable that everything starts to enliven all around us again after the silence and stillness of winter.

The Earth performs an absolute miracle as it grows and shoots tendrils through the dirt and sends it’s messages out for growth and new life. Additionally, for a seed to achieve it’s greatest expression, the shell cracks and it becomes totally undone and turns wholly into something else. The mind-boggling forces of nature are so vast, we can never fully fathom them.

These living phenomena ask us, can we trust miracles? When it is so dark will the light come back? When everything looks dead, will it come back to life? It asks us to trust in the next phase and to trust in the support all around us.

I invite you to take a moment and breath into that absolute, undeniable support woven all around, from Her. Let your body get heavy and feel the support of your seat, and then feel the support of the earth beneath that.

Ask yourself where could I trust more? Where do I close down easily? Where would I like to open more, like a little seed?

In addition to miracles, the equinox teaches us about creating reality. Winter dreams bring in spring’s clarity and potent energy of renewal and manifestation. As we clear away the old and allow space for new seeds and the energy to tend to them, we can ask ourselves which dream would we like to bring into materiality. What excites you? How do you stay vulnerable and tender like a seedling and stay open to your deep yearning and longing?

It’s vulnerable to stay open to your dream, to your manifestation, to that deep yearning. Where do you begin to rationally convince yourself out of your dreams and close down magic and potentiality?

It’s easier to get overly logical and harden around the possibility of miraculous manifestation and dream tending then to stay curious, in trust and open to seeing what comes of your wild steadfastness.

May we use this time to trust the ceaseless miracles of life and our creative place within it.

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