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Who We Are Truly

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Do you remember looking at a baby and feeling their innocence and absolute lovability? (Maybe it was your baby?) The whole of the universe fresh in the little being in your arms. So perfect, so innocent, so free. Fast forward to this baby as an older child and then a pre-teen. If they made statements to you about their “unlovability” or “unworthiness”, you, who deeply know their original innocence, can see that these thoughts are passing clouds, that these voices are pre-recorded from outside and not who they really are. You know the perfection of their being, you can see how conditioning and experience is putting these thoughts in their heads and creating an identity that is off-kilter, an identity that limits and hinders them from accessing the fullness of their authentic being. You know how deeply lovable and worthy they truly are, you might wish that they wouldn’t believe everything that they think.

Now imagine your own baby self and your own perfection, innocence and authentic being. And see the thoughts, like passing clouds in your own head, that over the years have been telling you that you are not lovable, worthy or perfect as you are. Life brings many experiences and it is a universal phenomena that we get hurt and confused by our caregivers and others. In order to gain ground, to stay safe, to understand how we could experience confusing, painful and traumatic situations, we project responsibility on to our selves.

So, if you can, sit still for a moment, breath, sink deeply into your being, beyond the thoughts, beyond the conditioning and access the wonder and freshness of this moment. Now wrap that innocent baby nature of yours in a cloud of blanket love and open to your own self and feel that at your essence, you are perfect and lovable just as you are.

We are tender human beings who mistakenly identify with these thoughts and forget our true essence. Who we truly are IS love, is the wonder of the universe manifest in a human form. And at some point we see that we are the same essence as everyone and it makes sense to give as much love away as possible, to all the beautiful babies in grown up bodies thinking that the passing clouds are solid and real.

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